How to Start Agarbatti Business in Village: Agarbatti making Cost, Machines, Raw Materials

How to Start Agarbatti Business in Village: India’s population is very concerned in religious works. Every religion is represented here, and the celebrations are really grand. In India, a celebration cannot take place if there is no worship.

Every religion requires worship supplies. This includes flowers, rice, garlands, Agarbatti, and so forth. Agarbattis are utilized in social and religious occasions. All year long, agarbatti is still in demand. At the same time, festival season sees an even greater spike in demand. It is in high demand both domestically and overseas. This business has excellent profit margins and low cost structures.

How to Start Agarbatti Business
How to Start Agarbatti Business

How to Start Agarbatti Business?

Agarbatti business can be started from 2 levels.

  • on a small scale
  • on a large scale

It’s up to you how big you want it to be. For this, keeping in mind the budget, you can start it at both a small or big level. If you start a business on a small scale, then you will not need any kind of registration. But on the other hand, if you are thinking of starting Agarbatti business on a large scale, then you will have to register your company. 

Scope of Agarbatti business?

When it comes to the Agarbatti business’s reach, India will always be its primary market. Here, worshippers of various religions utilize it. Many people lit agarbatti at the same time to fill their homes with fragrance.

People from Sri Lanka, the Varma community, and the Indian community living abroad use it in addition to Indians. As a result, there is year-round demand for it in the market. At the same time, festival season sees an even greater spike in demand.

Some Tips To Start Agarbatti Business

  • First of all, you should decide your budget, after that prepare a list of plans, which are within your budget.
  • Get to know about the market near you, so that you can prepare in advance about the problems in business.
  • Look at the place for where to start a business.
  • Prepare a list of all these things in advance, how to do the purchase of essential goods for the business, its packaging, all the things.

Choosing the right place for the business of Agarbatti

Finding a place is the most important thing before starting any business. So that business can be done without any hassle. Talk about Agarbatti business, then if you are starting it from a small scale, then you can start this business from home also.You will need so much space for this. You can keep the agarbatti making machine and its material safe. On the other hand, if you want to start Agarbatti business on a large scale, then for this you will need about 1500 square feet of space.

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Raw material for Agarbatti making

Yes, in a chart given below, we will tell you about the raw material required to make Agarbatti, its quantity and its market price. So that you can get a rough idea. You can start your business by increasing or decreasing the quantity of this material as per your requirement.

Raw MaterialQty in KgPrice/KG
Charcoal Dust1 Kg₹13
Zigat Powder1 Kg₹60 
White Chips Powder1 Kg₹22 
Sandalwood Powder1 Kg₹35 
Bamboo Stick1 Kg₹116 
Perfume1 Kg₹400   
Dep1 Kg₹135 
Paper Box1 Kg₹75 
Wrapping Paper1 Kg₹35 
Kuppam Dust1 Kg₹85

How To Make Agarbatti

Agarbatti is quite easy to make. the process of making roti by kneading flour. The raw materials are likewise processed in the same manner for agarbatti. The raw material is first placed in the vessel and mixed with water. One thing to remember is that it shouldn’t be overly moist or too dry. You can prepare agarbatti on your own after the raw materials are available. Or you may create it with the aid of a machine.

Cost Of Agarbatti Business

If you want to do Agarbatti business from home and make it by hand, then you can start this business with a cost of around Rs 13,000. On the other hand, if you are thinking of doing Agarbatti business with a machine, then it may cost up to 5 lakh rupees. The cost of a manual machine for making Agarbatti is Rs 14,000 and that of a semi automatic machine is up to Rs 90 thousand. The price of its high speed machine is around Rs 1.15 lakh.

Agarbatti Making Machines

In whatever level you are thinking of starting an Agarbatti business, big or small, it is very important for you to choose the right Agarbatti Making Machines. There are three types of incense stick making machines – manual, automatic and high speed automatic machines. Along with this, you can also take a separate machine for drying raw material, machine for mixing raw material. Each machine has its own distinct feature. You can buy it according to your budget.

Manual Machine

It is very easy to operate the manual machine. It is available in both double and single pedal type. It is low in cost as well as durable. Good and quality Agarbatti can be produced with the help of manual machine. It can be operated easily by any person.

Automatic Machine

If you want to do Agarbatti business on a large scale, then an automatic machine will be the right choice for your business for more production. You will easily get this machine in the market. The advantage of the automatic machine is that from this machine 150 to 180 Agarbatti can be produced in a minute.

High Speed ​​Machine

High Speed ​​Machine One advantage of this machine is that you will need less workers for this. It is fully automatic. By using it, more profit can be earned in less expenditure. From this machine 300 to 450 Agarbatti can be produced in a minute.

Method of packaging of Agarbatti

When we buy any goods from the market, first of all our attention goes to its packing. That’s why packing plays a big role in any business. After packing your product, you can market it in any store. The packing of Agarbatti is done both by machine or by hand. People doing business from home, counting the Agarbatti with their own hands, first filling it in a plastic pouch and then packing it in a colored plastic or cardboard box bearing the company’s logo or name.

People doing business on a large scale do its packing automatically with the machine. In this, the process of filling in the plastic pouch happens automatically while counting the Agarbatti. Apart from this, there is also a manual machine for counting Agarbatti, which only counts Agarbatti.

FAQs for How to Start Agarbatti Business in Village

Q. Where to buy the packing box for incense sticks?

Ans. Agarbatti at raw material shop or online market like India Mart, Trade India, Amazon and flipkart

Q. What is the margin in Agarbatti business?

Ans. Profits can be from 10 to 50%, provided your strategy should be good.

Q. How much does it cost to make 1 kg of Agarbatti?

Ans. Cost of making Agarbatti depends on the quality which you want to produce. 

Q. Agarbatti is made of which wood?

Ans. It is usually made from bamboo wood.

Q. Where to buy an Agarbatti Making Machine?

Ans. You can buy Agarbatti Making Machine from your nearest manufacturers or online market like Indiamart, Trade India

Q. Where to buy Bamboo sticks for Agarbatti Business?

Ans. You can Bamboo stick for Agarbatti at raw material shop or from online market like India Mart, Trade India.

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