How to Start Pickle Making Business: Budget, Process, Methods of Pickle Making

Pickle Making Business | Pickle Manufacturing Business: The majority of individuals in our nation enjoy eating pickles. Pickles are always served with meals whenever you dine, whether it’s at home, in a hotel, or during a wedding ceremony. because pickles are regarded as an essential component of cuisine. In our country nowadays, pickles are manufactured by a sizable population in every town and city.

Today, women have begun operating in this industry as well. This work can be started from anywhere and is inexpensive. You can create pickles at home if you have good pickle-making skills. If your pickle is of good quality, you can market it and sell it on the market.

How to start Pickle Making Business
How to start Pickle Making Business

Pickle Making Business

What is Pickle Making Business: The business of pickles is very famous in our country today as a small scale industry. To do this business, first of all you should know about the method of making pickles. It is important for you to be aware of what kind of spices you are using in your pickles and what types of pickles you know how to make.

Everyone in our country loves pickles very much. Today you can also supply pickles from home because you can sell your pickles on all of these in hotels, restaurants, dhabas, and big shops. This pickle business can be started with very little money.

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How to Start Pickle Making Business?

First of all you should start the pickle from home itself. For this, make pickles at home and distribute it to the people in the neighborhood so that you can get suggestions about the taste and quality of your pickle. Letting people know what kind of pickles you make will give you good feedback.

On the basis of that, you can take forward your business of pickles, as you make pickles at home longer lasting and more delicious. In the same way, if you make pickles for your business, it will be good for you.

Because it’s not like making some more pickles to sell something outside the house. If your quality is bad due to this, then your business will also not be good. That’s why you start it from your home.

Equipment and Machine Required for Pickle Making Business

If in the initial days you want to start this business at very low cost, then there will be no need to take any kind of machine in it. In this, only you have utensils, large utensils which you can dry after making pickles and small utensils, in which you can pack and sell the goods. This is what you have to buy, with that you will have to buy raw materials.

But if you want to do big business or want to start a small medium sized business by spending some money, then for this the list of some machines is given below, which you will need to Start Pickle Making Business:

  • Mill
  • Pickle Mixer
  • weighing scale
  • packing machine
  • labeling machine
  • pots big and small

The total price of all these machines and utensils is available to you in 10000 to 15000 in the market.

What are the raw materials we need to buy for pickle business?

Along with this you will have to buy raw materials Like: 

  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • mustard oil
  • vinegar
  • Spices
  • large and small pots
  • rapper
  • vinegar etc.

The initial cost of these raw materials will cost you ₹4000 to ₹5000.

That is, in total you can start this business by investing ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 20,000.

Pickle Making Methods

When we start the Pickle Making Business, the most important thing in it is the method of making pickles. If you have made pickles well then your business will run very well. All the women in our country come up with thousands of ways to make pickles, by which they try to make their pickles more delicious.

Here we are sharing some methods of making pickles


Some pickles are like this, they are made in a very simple way. Like the pickles of ginger and onion, they are mixed with all the spices of the peel and put in vinegar in the sun. In 2-4 days it becomes an edible pickle.

Carrot, radish, chili etc., in these pickles, mustard, turmeric, salt are added and kept in the sun for 7 days. After 7 days you can use these for food.

Mango pickle

Mix mustard, mustard oil, fenugreek etc. in mango pickle, add mustard oil and mix all the spices well and keep it in sunlight for 20 to 25 days.

After that, put this pickle inside a box and pour raw mustard oil on top. You can use this pickle for food after 1 month.

Pickle Making Business Mango Pickle Recipe
Pickle Making Business Mango Pickle Recipe

Lemon Pickle

Winter is the best time to make lemon pickle. Lemon pickle in the winter season is very long or it can be said that it is the most lasting pickle. You can use lemon pickle for years.

To make lemon pickle, the lemon is cut and mixed with black salt, carom seeds, fenugreek, fennel, cumin, asafoetida etc. all the spices are put inside the lemon and put in a box and kept closed. You can keep this pickle in the sun for some time, but it is not necessary that you keep it in the sun.

After this you can use it for food after 2 months. This pickle can be used for many years. This practice is also used in the treatment of many diseases.

Pickle Making Business Lemon Pickle Recipe
Pickle Making Business Lemon Pickle Recipe

Lemon Chili Pickle

This pickle comes in the use of daily food in summer and is also the most beneficial. To make this pickle, chop the chillies finely and add lemon juice on top of them.

You can also add lemon together. Add a little black salt, cumin, asafetida and keep it for 2 hours. After that you can take it for food use.

To make pickles of jackfruit, Parmall, bitter gourd, peel them and wash them well and dry them in the sun. After this, mustard, turmeric, salt are mixed in equal quantities in oil and mixed with vegetables. After that you can keep it in the sun for 7 days.

Process of Packaging in Pickle Making Business

It is very important to keep some things in mind while packaging pickles. 

  • Try to persuade hygienic packaging
  • Try to keep it in a glass or earthen vessel as it gets spoiled very quickly in Anmol Niyam or any other type of vessel.
  • Use different small to large pots for different amounts
  • For example, keep separate utensils for 5 kg 3 kg 2 kg 1 kg 500 grams 2.5 hundred grams 100 grams
  • Keep a transparent plastic pouch for small pouches
  • Make an outer box of large utensils, such as a wooden one.

Get a License for Pickle Making Business 

You are all well aware that selling food and beverages in our nation requires a license. You must obtain a license from the government through FSSAI if you operate a large-scale business. Only once those persons have evaluated your behavior for taste will the license be made available to you. After that, you won’t experience any issues.

This work of verification is carried out since the quality of the pickle can be judged by it if you don’t endanger anyone’s health and utilize good food ingredients. That is why having a license is required. The license won’t be issued if the pickle quality is poor.

Following that, you can obtain a GST number for your firm. The government will grant you a trademark so that you can start your own pickle business. No license of any type is necessary if you are operating a small-scale pickle-making business. You can start this work while seated at home.

Promote Your Pickle Making Business

Although there is no doubt that every entrepreneur has a different plan to promote his Pickle Making Business. Since the customer of an ethic can be any person, everyone can be seen as its potential customers. But there is also a fact that no entrepreneur doing Pickle Manufacturing Business directly targets the end consumer.

Instead, the business owner needs to learn which retailers and shops the final customers like to purchase achar from. It is typically seen that individuals prefer to purchase pickles from supermarkets, food and beverage stores, local markets found in shopping centers, etc. However, throughout the early stage, up until the point where the final consumers begin to demand the pickles manufactured by the entrepreneur from the shopkeepers, the shopkeepers likewise hesitate to sell the pickles made by the new company.

But if the shopkeepers are given good margin and quality assurance, then they can agree to sell the pickles of the entrepreneur. Apart from this, an entrepreneur doing Pickle Making Business in the initial phase can directly contact such Hotels and Dhabas where consumption of pickles is high. The use of pickles is very high even on the street tracks of food and drink, if the entrepreneur wants, he can also contact such small vendors.

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