How to Start a Coconut Water Business: Packaged Coconut Water Business Cost and Profit

How to Start a Coconut Water Business in the City – You must have eaten coconut. Everyone likes Coconut Water. Coconut water is very beneficial for the human body. Which fulfills the deficiency of various elements present inside the body. Drinking coconut water every morning helps in glowing skin. And it also increases the blood in the body. That’s why you must have seen people drinking coconut water on the side of the roads. Their demand is always there in the market. Therefore, the Coconut Water selling business can be a beneficial business for you. 

At present, many such places have been built in India, which are famous all over the world. Lots of people travel in India to visit these places. In these places they definitely use coconut water. In such a situation, if you start a Coconut Water Business, then it can be very good for you.

How to Start Coconut Water Business
How to Start Coconut Water Business

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Why You should Start Coconut Water Business

  • Coconut water is in high demand year-round and is drank by numerous individuals. However, there are currently very few such businesses in our nation that sell packaged coconut water. So, if you create this business, it will be simple to build your brand.
  • The majority of people purchase and consume coconut water from handcarts, but they are not ubiquitous. Because of this, there are a lot of individuals who want to drink coconut water but cannot find handcarts selling it. Therefore, if a packaged coconut water business is established, consumers will have easy access to coconut water in a store close to their home and be able to purchase it whenever they want.
  • Many such things are used in making other drinks sold in the market which are quite harmful. And on the other hand, coconut water is a natural drink, due to which people buy it more and its demand remains high.

Have a Look on Coconut Water Business in India 

  • Several companies now operating in India have stated plans to enter the packaged coconut water market, and a large number of additional companies will shortly follow suit. In reality, the bottled coconut water market in our nation has a very bright future, which is why every company is moving into this industry.
  • The market for packaged coconut water in our nation was expected to be worth $15.38 million in 2016 and will grow to be worth $40.73 million by 2022, according to a study on the packaged coconut water industry in India.
  • It is clear from the above-mentioned data that the growth of the packaged coconut water market is going to be very high in our country and hence the only benefit is going to be in starting this business.

Things you will Need for Coconut Water Business

All you need is coconut to start a coconut water business. For those you need to contact the supplier. To get in touch with the supplier, you have to go to your nearest fruit market. If possible, contact more than one supplier. If you are planning for Packaged Coconut Water Business then you will need more things such as a Coconut Chopping machine, Packaging Materials. 

How to choose the best coconut?

At present, many varieties of coconut have been made available in the market for many uses and all of you have to choose only good and advanced varieties of coconut. At present, many coconut species are found, such as Krishna Real, which have more cream than water, while there is a coconut called King Coconut which has more water than other varieties. You have to choose coconut with more water out of all these coconut species.

You should use green coconut for this business, because the taste of green coconut is very good and this coconut is also used by people in this business. Therefore, while supplying coconut, you have to ask the supplier to keep in mind that the coconut should be more watery and green.

Coconut Water Extraction Process

If you start coconut water business on handcarts, then the process of extracting water from coconut water is quite easy. To extract water from coconut you can use a sharp and big knife to peel off the upper layer of Nariyal. For Packaged Coconut Water Business you will need a Coconut Water Extraction Machine. You find different type of Coconut Water Extraction Machines in 

Procedure to Extract Water from Coconut for Packaged Coconut Water Business

  • The process of extracting water from coconut water with a machine is somewhat different.
  • If you start the business of packaged coconut water then you need an extraction machine to extract water from coconut.
  • After removing the water with the help of an extraction machine, small pieces of coconut shell are also removed in the water. Therefore a filtration machine is used to filter the water.
  • After the water is released from the coconut, the color and taste of the water changes. Therefore, to prevent this change, the water is immediately cooled to 2-4 °C.
  • Now this water has to go through the sterilization and pasteurization process before it is packed so that it does not rot after being packed.
  • The pasteurization and sterilization process kills bacteria, fungi, bacteria, viruses, plasmodium, etc. present in the water. So that after drinking it no new disease can arise.
  • Now you can pack this water with the help of a filling and packaging machine.

Choose Right Place for Coconut Water Business

If you start the business of coconut water from a handcart in a low budget, then you should place the handcart in such a place where there is a lot of crowd such as railway station, bus stand, roadside, near hospital, park place etc.

Profit in Coconut Water Business

If you start your business even on a small scale, then you can earn good money. A coconut sells for at least 40 to 60 rupees. If you save 20 rupees per coconut and You sell 100 coconuts in a day, then according to this, you can earn 20 X 100 = 2000 rupees per day. Hence your monthly income will be 60 thousand in the month. Which is a good business on a low budget, from which you can earn well.

Final Words: Every business is profitable if you work hard with all your heart and mind. You can Earn Lakhs of Rupees in Packaged Coconut Water business. Or you can start from a small scale.

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