How to Start E-commerce Business in India: Required Total Budget, Website, Application and Manpower

E-commerce Business is a business related to online and internet, as it is known to all of us that at present even in India, smartphones and the internet have reached the general public. This is the reason that due to the availability of smartphones and 3G, 4G packs being very cheap, the reach of the Internet is increasing at a very rapid pace. In the world of the internet, the way of doing business is changing.

All businesses are now increasingly connected to the world of the Internet. All businesses connected to the Internet are called E-commerce businesses. E-commerce business countries are spreading their feet very fast in the world. So if you want to start any kind of business, then e-commerce business can prove to be good for you. Starting an e-commerce business is very easy.

How to Start E commerce Business in India
How to Start E commerce Business in India

What is an E-commerce Business ?

Online selling of any product or service comes under e-commerce business. In simple words, shopping with the help of the internet is called e-commerce. At present, if we talk about all the aspects of the Internet, then this is one of the most emerging aspects. E-commerce allows consumers to exchange goods and services by transcending the boundaries of time and distance.

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In simple words, if we try to understand E-commerce business, then we will find that the business of selling goods and services through the Internet is called E-commerce business. To put e-commerce in simple language, then the business which does business by connecting to the internet is called e-commerce business.

There are three types of e-commerce business.

B2b: In B2b we sell our goods to a businessman which we can also call business to business (B2b).

B2c: In this business, we sell our goods to the customer, which we can also call business to customer (B2c).

C2c: This business takes place from one customer to another, which we call customer to customer (C2c).

Why start an e-commerce business in India?

Want to start an e-commerce business. To start an ecommerce business, you have to keep some things in mind, whose details are given below step by step. By reading this you can easily start this business.

Doing E-commerce business in India can be profitable because the affinity towards online commerce and high economic development here has opened new aisles for business opportunities. We are talking about millions of people who are actively looking for products in this digital world so that they can buy them from the comfort of their homes.

eCommerce Definition – You can also guess from this how fast people and the world are going on the internet. On the whole, 65% is on the internet now and in India this figure is 70%, all the people are coming on the internet fast. Where the scope of doing business is more, this business will grow rapidly in its market very soon.

There are crores of people in India who keep an eye on India’s famous online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. every day so that they can get some good offers to shop. And they can buy an attractive product at a very low price. E-commerce has influenced a lot in India and has also proved how a brand can become a favorite of the people.

How to start an e-commerce business?

1. Own Market Plus or Pre-existing Marketplace

To start his own e-commerce business in India, first of all the aspiring entrepreneur has to decide whether he wants to set up his own marketplace or wants to do this kind of business by joining any already available marketplace. It is meant to say that there are two ways to do this type of business in India, firstly, the entrepreneur can start this type of business by setting up his own e-commerce website.

This business can also be started by creating your own website first.

Second, you can start a business by joining an already existing e-commerce website. like Amazon, Flipkart,

You can also start your business by joining Snapdeal, etc. It will be an advantage of joining the platform that you can get the facility of packing service, delivery boy etc. if you join the above platform. But in this you have to take care of one thing, GSTIN will be needed, now you have to decide what kind of business you want to do.

2. Register an e-commerce company.

Entrepreneurs who want to start this type of business by setting up their own online store may need to register their business as per the rules. Entrepreneur can register his business as sole proprietorship, partnership or private limited company. If you do not want to join which platform, then you have to create a website of your own. Will need to register. If you want, you can register as Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company. Remember, you will need a GST number to get your business registered.

3. Select the Domain Name for the Business

Entrepreneur who started his own e-commerce business has given legal form to his business. And once the business name is done with the bank account, GST registration, etc., the next step should be to book a domain name matching the business name for your online store.

If you want, even before registering your business, you can book the domain in the name of your business because you have already registered the business. So maybe you should know about your business name. The domain is not found, so you should book the domain before registering the business, after that register the business. Always keep the name of the domain short because that domain will be remembered by you and other people as well.

4. How to make E-commerce website

Your E-commerce business starts with a website because E-commerce business is online and a website has to be created to take your business online, for this first you have to take a domain name from the name of your business and a Hosting is required, after changing the name server of both of them, a website (how to create an e-commerce website) is created. If you do not have complete knowledge about it, then first of all learn about the website because to run this business you should know how to run a website, for its beginning you can take help from a website design and development company and ask them about it. You can get complete information.

5. What is Payment Gateway

If the entrepreneur starting his own E-commerce business has added various vendors with him, then now he will also need a payment gateway. That is to say, a person setting up his own online store needs a payment gateway to process customer payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc.

6. Manage Logistics

As we all know that when the customer buys the goods online, then the online store from which he has bought that goods, it is his responsibility to deliver that goods safely to his given address. Because there are many customers who like the product. But they are unable to buy it due to the high delivery charge. That is why you always have to keep in mind that you should contact the same company whose With very low delivery charges, customers are also able to track their orders, thereby flooding the customer’s trust on the website.

7. Connect with Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that lets you promote your business profile and website on Google Search and Google Maps. A Google My Business account lets you see and connect with customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and learn how customers are interacting with your Profile on Google.

FAQ: Ecommerce Business How To Start

How do I build an ecommerce business?

Choose your business name, register your business with the government, obtain permits and licenses, choose an eCommerce platform and build your website, load your products on the site, launch your brand and you are good to go.

How much can be earned from e-commerce business?

If you are successful in running your e-commerce business, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees every month.

Can anyone start an ecommerce business?

Yes, absolutely any person can start his e-commerce business anytime. No eligibility has been prescribed for this. People of all ages and classes can easily do this and earn money sitting at home.

Is Ecommerce Profitable?

The eCommerce industry is competitive. If you make the right strategy and know what the market wants, eCommerce can be very profitable. It also depends on the type of products you sell and the business model you are running.

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