Start Electric Charging Station Business 2022: Set Up Process, Investment, Franchise, Certification and Loan

Start Electric Charging Station Business | EV Charging Station Business – The general public has become very sad due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel in India. The rising prices of petrol and diesel are taking a toll on the pockets of Indians. But it is said that there is too much of something. So there must be some solution to it. As a solution to petrol diesel, the sale of electrical vehicles in India has started increasing. 

In view of pollution and rising prices of petrol and diesel, the interest of electric vehicles is increasing among the people. The Government of India has reduced the GST on electric vehicles from 15% to only 5%. In this way, the Government of India is promoting electric cars.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business

The sales of electric vehicles in the Indian market by 2023 can be 11 lakh to 10 million and by 2030, a target of 30 million electric vehicles has been set. In this post, we will know how you can earn millions every month by opening an electric vehicle charging station:

What is an Electric Charging Station?

Just as for diesel, petrol, CNG vehicles, petrol pumps are installed in place to fill petrol, diesel in them, in order to charge electric vehicles, they need charging points and these charging points are called charging stations. 

To run an electric vehicle, it has a large battery pack, which we charge to power it, which requires electricity.

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Advantages of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business

By entering a new market that is already growing, you can earn a lot of profit by charging a reasonable charging fee, making the service available to the people easily, and saving people’s time.

You can provide electric vehicle charging at your location in a number of ways. By which you will get the following benefits, such as

1) Increase in income 

By adding another business to an already running business, which is an electric vehicle charging station, you can increase your profits. This can be called an additional business for you, in addition to your existing work.

2) Attraction in customers 

Electric Vehicle Charging Station not only provides services to your old customers but also helps in attracting more new customers, making you an easily recognizable business among the people.

3) Increasing trust of customers in you 

By installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station, you easily win the trust of customers who believe in keeping the environment safe and clean. Customers are also in support of those who do business keeping in mind the business environment nowadays. Being an economical and eco-friendly option, it is of great interest among the people.

Types of Chargers for EV Charging Station

Friends, the way we currently charge our mobiles fast and slow, in the same way we can charge our electric cars in two ways.

AC charging (slow charging) 

AC charging is a simple method in Electric Car Charging. When we plug an electric car into its AC plug for charging, the car sends that AC current to the inverter from where it is converted into DC and this current is stored in the battery. Due to the conversion of AC to DC, it takes more time for charge.

There are two types of AC charging: 

(i) AC Level-1: This charger works on a 15 amp wall socket, it takes about 10 to 12 hours to charge with this type of charger.

(ii) AC level-2: In this, the charging is done from the AC charging box which comes with the electric car. Charging with this type of charger takes about 2 to 4 hours. With the help of these chargers, you can charge your electric vehicle at home.

DC charging (Fast Changing)

Electric Car Charging has a DC plug for fast charging, through DC charging, the electricity is directly stored in the car battery, there is no conversion in it, due to which the battery gets charged at a fast speed in a short time. In DC charging, the car stores the DC current directly in the battery instead of sending it to the inverter, which takes less time to charge the car and makes the car charge faster.

DC charging requires a lot of power, so it is generally not found in homes or places of business. This type of charging station we find mostly on highways. DC charging is kept as level-3 as fast charging.

Electric Charging Station Cost Investment

To open an EV Charging Station, you will have to spend less than opening a petrol pump. To open a tata electric charging station franchise approx 15 to 20 lakh rupees have to be invested. It also depends on how many charging points you have. Want to install it on your vehicle charging station. If you add more charging points then your investment will also increase accordingly.

Where You Should Open Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Location plays a big role in opening an electric charging station because it is a business that you have to do on-road. You can open an EV charging station on a location where a road or highway is nearby, such as a bus stop, a gas station, a train station, or a shopping center roadway.

Government regulations state that you can open an electric charging station three kilometers away. This distance was 25 kilometers earlier.

How To Open An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you have the budget to open an electric charging station. So you have to contact by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Power Department to open it.

After that, whichever company you want to open a charging station with the franchise, you will have to contact by visiting the official website of that company. There you can know the complete process of franchise.

Charging Station Franchise Companies

Electric vehicle (EV) charging companies are constantly on the rise. Many companies provide charging stations and give their own franchise. Any person can apply for Charging Station Franchisee.

  • TATA Power
  • Delta Electronics India
  • Evolt
  • ACME
  • Panasonic
  • Exicom
  • Fortum India
  • Voltric – Parent Company Tvecas
  • Evcharz
  • Mass-Tech

How to Get EV Charging Station License 

The best thing about this business in terms of license is that you do not need any license for this. According to the Ministry of Power, no license is required to set up charging stations in India. That is, you can set up an electric vehicle charging station in your area by following all the necessary rules. However, for this you may need to get necessary permission from the local departments.

Which loan to apply for opening an electric charging station?

If we do not have capital for investment, then we can contact the supplier and get a quotation, on the basis of which we can apply for a loan. Here is a list of Loan for which you can apply:

  • MSME Business Loan
  • Bank Credit Facilitation Scheme
  • Credit Guarantee Scheme – Up to 2 Crore
  • Credit Linked Capital Subsidy – For Technology Upgrades
  • PM E Mudra Yojana
  • SIDBI Make in India Soft Loan Fund
  • Stand-up India
  • Sustainable Finance Scheme

FAQs for EV Charging Station Business

Where can I open an EV Charging Station?

Ans. EV charging stations can be opened at places like parking, malls, restaurants, petrol-pumps, road or highway sides, shopping complexes, etc.

What are the security arrangements at the charging station?

Ans. 1. Portable socket-outlets should not be allowed. 2. Must have Lightning Protection System installed as per IS/IEC 62305. 3. Must have a fire extinguisher.

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